Friday, 16 April 2010

last night was almost a childhood recall concert.
i literally know more than 70% of the songs.
the atmosphere was. wow.

i bet there's no one my age that doesnt know the song 愛情當入樽.

so yea overall i was pleasantly surprised

see through jacket by Damir Doma
tshirt by Uni Qlo
tight Jeans by Cheap Monday
high boots by Gareth Pugh


  1. <3 the obscenely sexy knee high dominatrix booties :)

  2. MEH AR!!! I KNOW 愛情當入樽!!! RMB WE USE TO SING K TGT WHEN WE WERE LIKE 14!!!??? and I was ah sa, and you were ah gill!!!!!! :D but lei tiu fan pey...NG RMB LA!! B)