Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ground Zero week finale. 全家福

Just looking at these photos spice up my day
Fashion. Friends, these two powerful words
Both starting with F, they constituted two wholly different meanings
People who adores fashion tends to change their styles often, carrying out different pieces and stamp everything on their body

Whilst for friends, we tend to look at it at a different perspective. It is not possible or even I say, correct, for us to change our friends like how we change our outfits daily. We shall hold on our true friends tightly.

Fashion doesn't necessarily has to follow the trend.
When we look back at the different pieces from various designers, we shall examine them clearly, then we might get good inspirations out of it

and of course,
there are always exception.

On Fu:
Birkin print top by Ground Zero SS10
Legging by AA
Wedges by Ashish x Topshop

On Yim:
Cardigan by Ground Zero SS09
Leggings by AA
Wedges by Celine
Vintage handbag from Chanel

On Me:
Top by Ground Zero AW10
Trousers by HnM
Wedges by Rick Owens

Credit to duck

P.S They are the L of my life, we hold a special key


  1. very sweet post

  2. your clothes look really good but dun let them outshine you. keep up with the good work

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